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March 2, 2010 3 comments

Not a lot new on the Ella reading front.  We continue to read regularly and she continues to show interest in reading on her own.  There was a close call a couple of days ago where it was approaching the normal time for Ella to go to sleep and I hadn’t yet read her a book.  That would have been tragic after all these months of reading to her every day to have missed a day.

Ella’s unspoken vocabulary continues to grow because of reading.  She is picking new words up very quickly as she points at things in books and we tell her what they are.  She doesn’t seem to tire of this very easily.  The other day we were reading Biscuit Goes to the Pumpkin Patch, in which there is a sad jack-o-lantern.  Every time she pointed at it I would say, “Ahhhh” and then she would lean against me and I would hug her.  After about five times I decided I’d count how many times we’d do this.  We got up to 14 before she finally decided we could move to the next page.

There have been two separate confirmations of Ella reading the word DUCK.  I opened up MS Word and typed it in a big font while Ella was in the office and she immediately said, “Duck!”  Then later Lauren did the same thing.  Ella deliberated a little more this time, but she said it.

We have been trying a new strategy to get Ella to say the words she has learned.  With Ella in the area, I’ll tell one of the kids to say a word and then after they do it tell them what a good job they did.  Using this strategy we got her to say, “Mom.”  It was clear as day two times, but she hasn’t done it again since.

Ella and I were on the couch reading today, each of us with our own book.  I called Lauren in to take a picture, but of course once Ella knew there was a camera in the area, she had to start mugging and we didn’t get the shot I wanted.  The picture is below.

Reading With Dad

Talking to Ella

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Along with reading, it is very important to talk to your children.  The more language they hear the faster they will pick it up.  I have not done as well at that as I should.  While thinking about the blog today on the way back from dropping Hayden off at school I realized I hadn’t been taking advantage of times like this.

I remember especially the times with Lauren when she was a baby and I was teaching.  She went to daycare at the Methodist church in El Dorado and I dropped her off each morning.  At the time I was driving a Nissan pickup so she was sitting right there beside me.  I talked to her non-stop on the way to daycare.  This wasn’t too long after my graduation from college so all that I’d learned in all those teacher-ed classes was still fresh in my mind.

So, after realizing that I’d been missing opportunities to better prepare Ella for learning to read, I started talking to her.  And Ella started talking back at me.

This blog is helping me to hold myself more accountable for doing all I can to prepare Ella to learn to read.  I didn’t expect that, but it is excellent.