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Reading Like Mad!

Ella read four books today.  I made her read the first three in the morning using my normal motivational strategies, but in the evening she started reading Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? all on her own.  Oh, and she read a book on her LeapPad this morning as well.

Ella now has a total of 4500 points earned at Book Adventure.  That is 45 books!!!!  I recently used 2000 of those points to get a free three-month subscription to Highlights for Children.  We looked at that magazine at the last doctor appointment and she really enjoyed it.  Ella also decided to use 75 points to download a balloon animal instruction sheet and is anxiously waiting for me to buy her some balloons we can use.

So, Ella is mostly doing great, but she still has some issues while reading.  My wife reminded me today, though, that Ella is still only four.  Guess I should try to keep that in mind.

The issues I’m seeing:

  • STILL mixes up b and d occasionally
  • Sounds out some words when she doesn’t need to, i.e. is, it and that’s
  • Guesses at words when she thinks more of the picture than the word
  • Sounds out individual sounds in multiple-letter phonograms (I tell her Phonogram Masters are better than that)

After reading Down on the Farm in about four minutes this morning, Ella marveled at how quickly she read it.  I told her that three months ago it would have taken her a long time and I would have had to yell at her a lot.  Nearly every word in that book was a sight word for Ella so as she challenges herself more and her ability moves up, the sight words will continue to accumulate.  I’m not worrying too much about practicing sight words as I once was doing.  They will come.

  1. Claudia Peebler
    April 3, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Mark, b and d reversals are developmental. Great that Ella is learning to read. Sight words will come but I would suggest pre-teaching the ones she will encounter in new material you present to her. Achieving automaticity with sight words will greatly increase fluency and comprehension. Sorry if this is unwanted advice. Old first grade teachers don’t die, they just bug eager parents! Lol

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