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Reading on Her Own

February 13, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

This morning I told Ella she needed to read a couple of pages out of Spider’s Lunch before she could watch one of her favorite shows.  While I was working, she sat down at her table and read the entire book on her own, except for needing help with maybe five words.  Spider’s Lunch is a non-fiction book about spiders so it was relatively long and had a lot of information.  After completing it, she took the test at Book Adventure and on the first try, got five of five questions correct.  Ella told me she just wanted to read the book and take the test.  Awesome!!!!

For some reason, the past couple of days has seen the b/d issue come up again.  Frustrating!  It resolved itself quickly and today I don’t thing she confused them more than once.  This is why she needs to read every day.

I can now report that Ella is no longer laughing every time she sees the word but.  She read past it a couple of times in books last week, and then earlier this week there was a book with but in it multiple times and every time she just read it and went on.  I must say, it makes me a little sad, although I knew this day was coming.

I think I’ve said it before, children learn to read better by reading.  Ella continues to prove this contention.

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