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Ella Reading on Her Own

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

The last three books Ella has read have been mostly on her own.  I’m not sure what motivated this change as she didn’t appear to be driven by taking the Book Adventure tests.  She did perfectly willingly, but it was obvious that hadn’t been her plan.  This is quite exciting.

Today she read two books on her own, back to back (Hop on Pop and Ten Apples up on Top).  All three of the books she read on her own are books we have here at home.  The two today are level 1 books at Book Adventure and the other one is level 2.  This gives me some pause about the leveling procedure at Book Adventure because as I mentioned, she read them mostly on her own.  Ella did a good job of asking about words she didn’t get, although I did witness her pressing on through some words that didn’t make sense in context.

Ella is still sounding out most of the words.  She is reading more words as sight words and today was sounding out words much more quickly than normal.  As I listened today, I reminded myself that she will continue to become a better reader without my constantly pushing her to become a better reader more quickly.  Either way, she is well ahead of the average child of four when it comes to reading.

My updates on the word but are probably getting tiresome to any regular readers of this blog, if there are any.  I said long ago I would continue to track this so I feel I must continue until she finally quits laughing about it.  As of now, there is no sign that is going to happen soon.  In fact, now Ella sees that word everywhere and laughs about it.  My hope is that it wears off before she goes to school because otherwise, the first time it comes up in class her hearty guffaws are going to be quite a spectacle.

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