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Fun With Grandpa

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

In an effort to get video of Ella reciting all 70 phonograms, I created a PowerPoint presentation of the phonograms and had her practice a couple times today. This evening Grandpa and Grandma came to visit so I had Ella do a few phonograms for them using that PowerPoint.  She was very shy about it at first and only did a few phonograms very quietly.  A few minutes after I allowed her to stop, she started doing them on her own.  Grandpa and I went back over to watch and Ella was much more authoritative about it.  It got fun for Ella when Grandpa started trying to do the phonograms.   We laughed at him when he did the b sound and included the “uh” sound at the end like most people do.  And then he did the “er” sound for r.  We kinda ridiculed him for his lack of knowledge of the phonograms. Then Grandpa just started making up sounds for the phonograms and Ella was really laughing.

I told Grandpa and Grandma that we will have to be careful next year when Ella starts Kindergarten that she isn’t a phonogram snob.  It was all in fun with Grandpa, but I don’t want Ella to do the same type stuff to either her classmates or her teacher.

I think we can do the video tomorrow.  I’m planning to have Ella sit at the computer and page through the PowerPoint on her own while I video over her right shoulder.  There are a few phonograms left that are giving her trouble.  The problems that worry me most are her confusion between ie and ei and confusion between gn and ng.  For a very short time today our old nemesis b and d confusion revisited.  Thank goodness that was corrected quickly.  And then she for some reason started trying to put the two sounds of si together into one sound.  Since she is a phonogram master now it doesn’t take much practice to get her back on track.

I added another page to this site.  You can see it at the top of the page, titled Books Read and Tested.  It is just a list of books that Ella has read and tested on at Book Adventure.  The list currently includes eleven books.

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