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Ella Refuses to Blend the Phonograms!!!!

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

It has been a long time since I posted last and not much has changed.  Ella continues to know the phonograms, but absolutely refuses to blend them together to form words.  I’ve tried many different ways to convince her to blend, but she just flat-out refuses.  I’ve tried both rewards and taking things away to no avail.

For Christmas my wife got me a Nook Color, on which I have that omnipresent game Angry Birds.  Ella has become a big fan of it.  I rationalize that there is some value in it in that she has to problem solve in order to figure out how to get at those pigs.  Anyway, I figured cutting her off from Angry Birds would be the key to get her started blending.

Was I ever wrong!  When I try that strategy Ella just kind of shrugs her shoulders, says no and finds something else to do.  The only positive I see out of this is that she at least isn’t playing Angry Birds.

I preach that parents have to wait for their children to be ready to read, but I do not want to wait so long myself!  If you have followed this blog at all, you know that I started this process too early in the first place so the wait has been extended already.

I preach that parents have to wait, but I did not want to illustrate the need for it myself.   Oh well, since everything else is going so well I guess I should not complain.  Ella continues to love having people read to her, still enjoys nursery rhymes and is very vocal.  The last to extremes most of the time.  When she is ready to start reading, she will take off like a rocket.

The local library has agreed to host a presentation of my products.  Still waiting on a firm date, but tentatively it looks like I will present the evening of March 13th or 14th.  All attendees will receive a free CD containing both my reading and handwriting programs.  More on this after I get a firm date.