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November 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I can’t believe I fell victim to lowering my expectations of Ella.  I should have realized that we have not been putting in the time with the phonograms in a fun way.  Hayden and I and Ella were sitting together a couple of days ago and I got out the phonogram cards.  I decided to focus on ‘a’ for a bit.  I was doing the sounds one at a time instead of all three at a time, trying to get her to say them correctly.  She did a great job.  I was being loud and goofy with each sound, which of course she thought was funny.  No reason for me not to have been doing that in the past.  I rationalized and got lazy, that’s all.

Ella has started wanting to do things  herself, often saying, “I do it!”  So while Hayden was sitting there with us, I decided to have Hayden say the sounds of ‘a’ in addition to Ella.  She balked at that right away, saying “I do it!”  Even though Hayden is great with her, Ella saves some of her most severe chastisement for him.  She was very offended that he was trying to say her phonogram sounds and insisted that he not do it anymore.

I have to admit that one of the reasons I hadn’t been using the phonogram cards with Ella is that we had lost a few of them.  While cleaning under the couch recently, I found the missing cards and added them back to the stack.  Once the stack was complete again I was more motivated to work on the phonograms again.  Very sad, I know, but that’s what parents have to deal with and overcome.

The three of us had a fun time working on the phonograms together.  One of the reasons I encourage parents to teach their children how to read is so they don’t miss out on such great experiences.

Status Update

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

There has not been a lot of additional lesson activity as Ella has lost a little interest in studying the phonograms. She is not asking to run through the program and when I sit her on my lap and open it, she is not very interested. Since she is really too young to focus on learning the phonograms, she is in control and I must allow that. This is very important to remember when working with pre-school-age children.

Naturally we to read to Ella daily as she continues to enjoy that.   Green Eggs and Ham turned up a few days ago and we’ve both enjoyed reading that classic childrens book.  Ella gets a kick out of some of the faces the green eggs and ham hater makes on his journey to loving green eggs and ham. 

Ella is becoming more and more verbal all the time.  Earlier you may remember we had concerns about her talking, but were always confident that it would come in time if we continued to read and talk to her.  If given time, she will repeat back much of what is said and read to her.

I started Ella on lesson three on an informal basis before she began losing interest.  Should not have, but I struggle with wanting to push forward.  Having taught my other two children to read, I am finding this a problem because I want to get Ella there before she is ready.  As long as I don’t get too pushy, it will be fine.  Again, she has to stay in control.

I’ve included a checklist I am maintaining for lessons one and two.  Ella is so close on a number of phonograms, so the checklist looks worse than it really is. 

Lessons 1 and 2 Checklist