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It is getting exciting!

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s late.  I’ve been working on the sister site at so I’ve only got a little time to write tonight.

Ella has been slow to start talking, but words are starting to roll out daily now.  I recently started keeping a list of words and Ella is up to 55 words as of today.  The entire family is trying to get her to say new words every day.  I guess if I count a couple of the words Lauren has been working on, the total would be 57.  The most exciting way we learn that Ella knows a new word is when she says one of the words that we’ve seen her respond to in the past, but not say.

For instance, after arriving back home after a jog this past evening, Ella saw me in my sweaty shirt  and said, “Wet.”  She has started saying, “Milk” instead of pointing a the fridge and grunting.  This type of communication will be exciting as well and will remove much frustration from the Boline household.

A couple of interesting things Ella has learned to say are listed below:

butt ding – I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but Lauren tells Ella to come over to me and say it.
hot Mama – Not sure which kid started this, but we all enjoy it.

Hayden counseled me recently about not updating my blog.  I told him there hasn’t been much to write about over the last couple of months.  He stressed that he thought Ella learning new words applies to a blog about teaching a child to read.  I must agree because without being able to say the words in a book, it will be hard to learn to read.  I’ll probably continue to update the blog with news about Ella’s talking.

Equally exciting to me is Ella’s sudden interest in the reading program I sell.  I was writing a CD earlier today to ship out when she saw it on my screen while I was testing it.  I went to lesson one and clicked on the phonogram to initiate the sound(s) of the first four phonograms (a, c, d and f).  She made me do it repeatedly and then came in the office at least two more times during the day and insisted I do it some more.

It is still too early for her, but she is definitely interested and it won’t hurt her to see them.  The three sounds of “a” are very difficult for her, but she can make the sounds of c, d and f.  It will be interesting to see after a week or so of work if she can make the sounds of those three when I show her the flash cards.  Who knows, maybe she will get all four and I can move on to lesson two!  Now that would be exciting.  Of course, she may lose interest in doing this tomorrow.

The lesson to be learned here is that you have to continue to read to children even if you are wondering if it is doing any good.  I was confident that Ella would do fine, even though there are many younger children saying many more words than her.  We are starting to see the results of the hard work we’ve been putting in with her.

I am loving it!